ZhangPu xiangjiang hotel (han cui heights) is located in the town DongSheng Village liang-fon estate located longbridge, is located in the mountains surrounded by, a drug by zhangzhou jiang hotel investment construction and management, is a collection of ecological agriculture development, fitness, leisure, tourism, vacation, dining, entertainment as one of the multi-function ecological park.

Zhangzhou xiangjiang hotel is situated in the heart of famous historical and cultural city zhangzhou city location, elegant environment, convenient traffic, is the only carrier in zhangzhou "gold leaf green hotel", "national grade five diamond restaurant" four-star hotel, is also one of important reception base CPC municipal committee and municipal government.

Taiwan hotel is a drug zhangzhou jiang hotel under the management of a restaurant that has a high visibility, which is located at the center of zhangzhou city, the transportation is convenient, the environment is quiet and tastefully laid out.
Hotel existing 41 rooms (set), can be a one-time receive sixty-seven guests, the hotel also has restaurants, conference rooms and other facilities, is Taiwan compatriots to get a trade and investment, to visit YeZu reception base, one of are you engaged in training study, tourism, the ideal choice for group activities.